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The Art of Creating Memories

Specialist in Botanical Casting, Ashes Memorials, Wedding Flower Preservation & Wellbeing Experience & Casting Workshops

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Step in the Picture?


What I Do

I turn your memories into contemporary pieces of art.

Using nature as my biggest inspiration I memorialise weddings, funerals, special occasions, memorable moments, special people, cherished pets.


I offer a very personal service to create the perfect piece of memorial artwork so you can step into your memory time and time again.

Every piece is completely unique as no two memories are the same.  Multiple memories can be combined in one piece or a collection of artwork can be created to tell a full story.

Every memorial is entirely handmade with great care and attention.  I can also include ashes which are concealed within the medium so they become the heart and soul of your piece.


I can include a favourite flower, colour, object, even material from an item of clothing.  Other memories may include a favourite place so where possible, I will encapsulate that in the picture too.  

I have a collection of nature-inspired contemporary artwork for sale in the shop, I also offer gift vouchers so you can give the gift of a unique memory to someone special.  If that isn't enough you can also find me running botanical / memorial workshops, in exhibitions and at fairs and markets, check out my events page to learn where I am currently exhibiting.

With you every step of the way

When you choose Step in the Picture I guide you through the whole process from initial decision to the complete work or art

Image by Jens Lelie
Image by jesse ramirez


For bespoke orders I offer a full consultation.  This time is dedicated to listening to you, I capture the details and guide you through the options so you are one step closer to your very best memory as a contemporary piece of memorial art.


Once you have decided on the concept the creating starts here.  If you choose to include personal items such as flowers, ashes or other materials we ask for these to be sent as soon as possible.  It typically takes up to 8 weeks from receiving items to completion*.  You will be sent updates throughout the process and once complete you will be asked to choose the frame.

*Flower drying services will increase lead time


Every memory is precious and the wait is nearly over!  Each piece will be perfectly packaged and delivered via Special Delivery to make sure your package reaches you as quickly as possible.


What the customers thought from start to finish

Ashes Memorial.jpg

"Janet created the most beautiful memorial piece using my cat Lani’s ashes. She took inspiration from Lani’s markings, eye & fur colour and made the most beautiful picture. The attention to detail is amazing, right down to the tiny flecks of gold through the painting.

I can’t recommend Janet enough. The process was straight forward and Janet explained each and every step clearly"

Lynsey Dowling

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