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About the Artist

My name is Janet Howkins and I am a contemporary mixed media memorial artist based in Greater Manchester, North West UK.  I specialise in textural painting and sculpture inspired by nature and decay.

Memories, nature and history have always been subjects that have fascinated me from an early age, listening to stories of family members who, although I had never met, the stories alone brought them to life. Memories and momentary experiences is something I am deeply passionate about and after experiencing the grief from losing loved ones myself I wanted to help others going through the same.

After losing my mother in 2008, I preserved the flowers from the funeral and created small memorials for friends and family to remember her by as it was important to me to keep that memory alive, this was the beginning of a journey which has led to the foundation of Step in the Picture.

I have always been a creative at heart and have been active in my practice as a visual artist, exhibiting work for over 10 years.  I strive to create a unique personal experience in the service I provide.  Having also worked professionally on large scale projects such as weddings and event planning I know how important it is that the service provides you with confidence and trust in the artist. 

A story paints a million pictures and I love to learn about your loved ones, your favourite memories, special attributes as this will enable me to create a piece of work with love and compassion which best represents your memory and allow it's characteristics to forever shine through the piece of art so it truly is a unique service.  

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